Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Shoe Inserts

Shoe Inserts
Shoe Inserts,
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I am a shoe addict. My sister has gotten to the point of making me throw a pair out or donate one to Goodwill if I get on a buying spree. And when I say shoe addict, I do not mean sneakers. I mean the pretty kind, the stylish kind, the high kind, the HEELS!

There are so many things to say about heels, many of which will (I am sure) be future posts.

The most annoying thing about wearing high heels is the pain and agitation it leads to on the balls of my feet. The thing I gave into early on was Shoe Inserts.

Not only do Shoe Inserts (Dr. Scholls has a GREAT selection of inserts for women and can be found at almost any store that sells shoes) lessen the pain you may feel wearing heels all day, but if you happen to have a shoe a bit big for your foot, it will allow for a better fit.

I sometimes will have issues being a bit of an in-between size of a foot. Having handy inserts snugs the shoe right up!

Comfy Fashion Fabulousness!


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