Friday, May 14, 2010

Shaving Cream... who needs it?

I can not remember the last time I purchased shaving cream.  Does it result in a silky smooth shave? Absolutely. But it also is just another item in my shower that can easily be replaced by one that's already in there.

Think about it.  The purpose of shaving cream is to lubricate your legs for an easily glided razor and to moisturize your legs, right?

Here are two easy substitutes and you likely have at least one of them in your shower already... if not both (like me).

I interchange Moisturizing Body Wash and Conditioner on my legs.  Depends on when I am shaving them in my shower routine, whether I'm in the process of applying conditioner to my hair or lathering up.  Both have moisturizing components sure to leave the legs soft and they have the ability to slippery the legs up to allow the razor to easily move along.

One less purchase you need to make, one less item in your shower.  It's a win-win situation!


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