Monday, November 15, 2010

Embracing the Snow

The first snow has stuck in the upper Midwest.  The reality of winter has set in.  As has the need to convert the summer outfits into winter fashion.  

A few things to pick up to make the transition a bit smoother:
-Colored tights, both footed and footless.  Target has a great selection ranging from $2.50 t0 $15 each! These are great to keep your legs warm while still sporting that great summer dress
-Leggings.  Throw on a pair under jeans for outdoor activities, but these are also great for a bit more warmth under a dress or skirt as well!
-Long sleeve shirts, thermal tops and turtlenecks.  Again, for added warmth and weather appropriate fashion, adding a bright colored thermal top under your sundress or sleeveless outfit is a good step in the winterizing direction.
-Cardigans can be the quickest way to convert an outfit to winter wear. Find yourself a nice variety to dress up or down any pieces you have.

What about your open toed shoes?  Put the strappy ones away for the season.  But the peep toes are still doable in the winter - especially if you're rocking the bootie!  To transition peep toes, be sure to include a pair of tights, colored or neutral.  Do keep the toe seam out of sight, tuck it under your foot.  But with an opaque tight, your favorite peep toes are still wearable in snowy weather!