Wednesday, January 5, 2011

It's In-Stain!

Just before the Holidays, I headed to Walgreens to stock up on some must-have's for time at the parents.  While there, I scoured the cosmetic's wall to see what there was waiting for me to test drive.  

A few months back I ranted about Cover Girl's lip stain.  So, although apprehensive, sometimes the brand really does make a difference.  I grabbed a bubble gum pink color of Revlon's Just Bitten.  This product is the cat's meow!

It appears the difference between the 2 brands is that Cover Girl, although saying it's a stain, really puts a very thin layer of quick-drying product on your lips, where as Revlon really is a stain.  

It stayed on just as well as that Kool-Aid mustache you used to sport as a child.  Stuck right where I stained it on in the morning until it came off in the eve!  The lip balm on the other end of the stick is a nice sealant as well! Help to keep the lips moist and stain to stay.