Sunday, May 2, 2010

Shameless Thriftiness

Watching the pennies these days is nothing to be ashamed of!  So when you find fabulousness at the Dress Barn, no need to lie to people, no need to tell them you got it at a flashy boutique.  Or when you are able to get a killer haircut at Cost Cutters or Great Clips, do it!  

For apparel, head to Marshall's or TJMaxx.  Also, sale racks at any department store.  Just because it's on the sale rack doesn't mean it is out of style - it was just the hot ticket a few weeks ago, fashion changes don't move that quickly!

As for hair, I head to the same salon time after time.  It's a chain salon, one of those you may be nervous about.  But, I trust it because it's in a really trendy part of the city.  I walk in and walk out, looking fabulous, pocketbook still in tact.

Deals are wonderful, don't feel guilty about them - tell your friends about them!  They'll thank you, trust me!


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