Sunday, February 20, 2011

It's Just Plane Tough

Going on a trip? Does it involve an airplane security line?  Don't want to check bags? Need to follow the 3-1-1 rule? 

I've become a master of getting what I need into one Quart-sized bag!  But, it isn't without sacrifice or creativeness.  Having flown through large and small airports, it seems that small airports are a bit more strict on things like lipgloss in your purse.  Technically it is a liquid or gel, so be prepared to ditch those if you're headed to a regional airport.  Instead, you may want to find a tinted lip balm. I'm fond of the Burt's Bees kind if you're looking for a pop of color.

For makeup, try to keep it as mineral or powder based as possible.  This avoids having to use valuable space in your one liquids quart bag on things like liquid liners or cream shadows.  In fact, a nice alternative to a cream shadow is a eyeshadow pencil or duo like Cover Girl's SmokyShadowBlast.  They essentially give you 2 colors that you can wear independent of each other or use as suggested for a smoldering smoky eye look.

I've always been partial to using black eye shadow with an angled painter's brush for applying black eyeliner.  And if you prefer the boldness that liquid liner offers, just add a little water to your brush and turn the powder instantly to liquid without getting caught up in security searches. 

Foundation is sometimes the liquid makeup that takes up the most space in my liquids quart bag nestled in my carry-on.  Depending on your skin and time of year, you may be able to avoid this product.  Or if your moisturizer leaves your skin nice and dewy, you may be able to leave the foundation at home.  

The alternative to packing the foundation is a great moisturizer, a cream concealer and a powder foundation.  My favorite is a Pocket Powder Foundation from Cover Girl. The beauty of a compact of foundation is that you can throw it in your purse for worry-free touch-ups during your day!  And, again, you're not taking up any valuable liquid space in your carry-on!

Your mascara and any powders you have can go right in your regular luggage.  

Try to keep your clothing in the same pallet so you can keep your makeup in the same general pallet as well.  In general, I like to pack a black, light shimmery neutral like Spun Silk from Mary Kay and a pop of color that goes with whatever you've packed be it blue, purple or green.  

In any case, you really want to keep things as simple and light as possible when you travel.  Less is more, especially when you have to carry it and deal with today's airport security.