Tuesday, May 25, 2010

One Color

pink eye
pink eye,
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Keep things easy for yourself. Choosing one color to cover your eyes, cheeks and lips not only ensures that the hues jive with each other, but it minimizes what you need for touch ups.

Since I was little, my grandmother grabbed her lipstick tube, spotted her lips, rubbed that in and then swiped the stick on her lips.

This tactic plus a little mascara, especially if you pick a brighter pink or coral, is a perfect look for a summer night. And if you're feeling a little sassy, try applying a bit to your lids and keeping your lips nude.

Be careful when dotting your cheeks with lipstick, though. As a cream, lipstick has more concentrated color than a powder blush. It's much easier to add a smidge more than to try to tone too much color down... trust me!


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