Thursday, December 2, 2010

Snow White

Winter is a tricky time of year for your skin if you live anywhere that cold sneaks in.  Between trying to keep warm or trick yourself into believing you've just visited the tropics, our skin sometimes is brutally tortured during the season of ice.  

This year, drop the tan.  There's nothing more beautiful than healthy creamy skin for the winter months.  Likely, you didn't just spend 2 weeks in the tropics, so allow your skin a break this winter - whether it's from the tanning bed that can pull moisture out of your skin or from the chemicals that fake stain your outer layer.  If you tend to your natural white skin, it can be the most radiant color you'll ever sport.  

Of course, you need to care for it to ensure the radiance.  Flakes and scales will not a Katy Perry make.  But moisturizing day and night, ensuring enough liquids (water is best, tea is next) and cutting back on some evils help maintain the beauty of your body's outer layer. 

Creeping upon the Holiday Season, the Happy Hours and Festive Parties seem to become more frequent.  Minimizing alcohol consumption will avoid the dehydration evil from taking over.  

Often, because it's cold outside, many forget about the dangers of the sun in the winter months.  Keep applying the SPF moisturizers!  The sun has a mirror in the snowy winter to reflect from the snow while still beating down on you from above.  As dry air takes over, winter sunburns can be brutal.  The combo of dry skin and sunburn is almost impossible to conquer in terms of flaking and redness.  Prevent so you don't have to react!  

Plus, Snow White skin works well with so many trends!  With a fresh canvas, red lips pop, color are a little brighter against your skin and any hair color meshes well.  Even you blondes that think that Tan is the only color that will accentuate those highlights.  Not True!  A healthy cream and a little blushed rosy cheek will do your blondeness as much favor as your summer tan did!  

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