Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Bright with Blue

Bright with blue, warm or cool, bold or neutral, blonde or brunette.  Or red for all those matters. 

My boss asks a lot of questions about my appearance.  Usually mid sentence, mid meeting.  He's a dude with a teenage daughter, so I find it necessary to school him. A few months ago he asked why I had to change my hair color when I cut all of it off.  In man-esk words it was put something like this. 

"It's like you coming to work with a really great top, shirt and tie if you will.  But then you left your sweatpants on the bottom.  Cut and color must coordinate."

Most recently, mid sentence he noticed how white my teeth are.  Mid meeting, I let him know about my teeth whitening product suggestions.  But I also let him know a little something of a woman's ability of presenting an illusion. 

To enhance the efforts of my teeth whitening regimen, I usually lean toward a blue undertone in my lip color.  This perplexes men, so don't try to explain to them how a red lipstick could have an orange or blue undertone.  Red is red, right?

No.  Leaning your lipwear more toward a coral or orange tone will tint your teeth a yellowish color.  Where as choosing a color leaning toward burgundy, purple or pink will whiten your chompers right up. 

For example, Loreal's British Red lipstick is a blue tone while Loreal's Volcanic has an orange background.

It's a grey line and sometimes confusing, but finding the perfect shade of red just may change your life.  Keep searching and if push comes to shove, lean toward a maroon hue.  It looks great on almost anyone!

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