Monday, December 20, 2010

Whoops... not quite dry!

I am so guilty of this.  Not quite enough time, but feel the need to paint the fingers or toes anyway.  All too often I shove the not yet dry piggies into a shoe and come out missing the entire top of the polish.  Last night was the fingers!

One would think that four hours is enough time to dry, but curling into bed resulted in pillow indentations when I awoke.  Being that it was ruby red polish and I needed to leave for work quickly, removing and repainting were both out of the question.  So, here's my quick tip for the day.  

If this happens to you:
-Dip a cotton ball in Polish Remover - enough to make the ball damp, but not dripping wet.
-Swipe the cotton ball over each finger nail once or twice, gently - this will take off the very top layer, removing the bumpiness.  Be careful to not take any more than just the top layer to avoid repainting all together.
-Grab your clear polish and do a quick layer of that to refresh the shine of your nails. 

And Voilà! Fresh and new in mere seconds.  And maybe it's my imagination, but clear polish always seems to dry so much faster than the colored kind.

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