Monday, December 27, 2010

Change Your Eye Color

change your eye color
change your eye color,
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I look like a deer in headlights in this picture, I'll admit. ...but a GREEN eyed deer in headlights!

I've stared at my own eyes for over a quarter of a century - I'm not afraid to admit that! And when i look people in the eye, most would without hesitation say that I have Blue Eyes. But the truth is that I have eyes with a Navy ring around the outside, Grey in the most substantial part and Yellowish Brown right around my iris.

Sometimes I like to make my eyes, especially with my newishly red hair, appear green. I can accomplish this with clothing. Wearing grey makes them completely grey.

Wearing certain eye makeup can also accomplish this feat. As in this picture, if you have similar coloring to my eyes, try to put a bold, bright blue across your lash line. Instantly your eyes will go from an obvious blue to either a grey or green - whichever the pigment favors most.

Alternately, putting an emerald color on typically green eyes will have the adverse effect! Test it out and see what works on you.

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