Saturday, June 5, 2010

Lickable Lipgloss

Have you ever found that perfect lipgloss, perfect in every way?  You end up being completely loyal to that lipgloss, only to have it discontinued shortly after you become addicted.  And then you have to start the search all over again? 

I'm really hoping that doesn't happen to me again anytime soon!  Because not only have I become addicted, but I've also hooked a few of my gal pals.  Victoria's Secret, please do not ever rid your shelves of Beauty Rush Minty Lip Shine!  I think we would cry for days...maybe weeks.  

I use this as a shine over my lipstick or just as a clear gloss.  It's a perfect blend of moisture without stickiness!  Doesn't hurt that it tastes fantastic, too - always a bonus with lip stuff.  And how convenient that Vicky's places it right at the checkout, so you can grab a tube as you wait... or browse through their other grab items.  Which I will inevitably rave about in a future post.


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