Sunday, June 13, 2010

Lining Eyes

lining eyes
lining eyes,
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It's summer. Time for minimizing - which sometimes is actually maximizing.

I've been attempting to pull off a beachy look for work. We luckily have a casual dress code, so every day I get to wear things that most people only have the luxury to on weekends. So along with my fresh-off-the-beach wavy hair, flowy dresses and fun heels, I've also been trying to pull off a minimal makeup routine.

This part hasn't been working out so well. Because persons like me who have been blessed with dark circles under the eyes, wearing little makeup makes you look tired, regardless of how much beauty sleep you've gotten.

So in addition to my foundation, concealer and powder base, a touch of bronzer on the cheekbones and above the eyebrows, I have now had to figure out how to make my eyes less tired looking without piling on a load of stuff.

I have been loving my bottom inner eye rim. Dusting some soft color on the rim with an angle brush allows definition and draws attention away from unfortunate permanent shadows just south of there.

It also avoids the accidental smeared smokey look that can happen with humidity and too much (non-waterproof) eyeliner.

The lining the rim technique may result in migration of the color during the day. Sometimes it heads to the inner eye in which a quick touch of your finger to the inside corner removes any buildup. The color may also move from the rims to form a colorful line within your lower lash line - a perfectly acceptable migration destination.

Add a swipe or two of mascara - waterproof for humid or rainy days - and you'll be beautifully set!


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