Saturday, June 19, 2010

Clean Face -- in a hurry!

It's been a busy week, late nights, on the road.  When you're not at home and don't fall into the same night routine, it's difficult to pull off even the simplest chores.  The part of your night routine that you should never skip, no matter how exhausted, is the makeup removal part.  Freshness, instead of festering, while you sleep is the nicest thing you could possibly do for your face!

So, here's a quick tip that I picked up a few years back from an interview Leona Lewis did with some beauty mag.  It's been part of my night routine ever since, simple and refreshing!  

Grab yourself a pack of baby wipes the next time you're in a drugstore or department store.  I usually use 2 wipes per night to get everything completely off - the first to loosen and remove most of the grime, the second to leave a clean surface as it wipes away the remaining residue that may have just been loosened by the first.  These are even really great to remove eye makeup!

Because they are baby wipes, they are designed to be gentle on sensitive skin, but yet be strong enough to remove stubborn, sticky matter (Desitin anyone?).  Also, they're likely to have some sort of moisturizer in them to ensure baby's bottom is re-hydrated, and your face would receive that benefit as well.  

Of course, check the product as you would a facial cleanser to ensure you're picking something appropriate for your skin.  But at a few dollars for a pack of them, they'll be a much cheaper alternative to lugging your entire routine with you while on the road, and a few in a baggy will get you through security at any airport hassle free as well without adding to your 3-1-1 bag of liquids!


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