Thursday, September 2, 2010

Tangled Mess

color and cold
color and cold,
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I played makeup on my favorite willing victim last weekend. Tay was spending the weekend with me and after this shoot, she attempted to untangle the mess I had created atop her head.

Problem was, Tay used shampoo to try to get this out. Although shampoo will remove the hairspray that may be assisting in keeping the rat's nest together, it's really not going to give the lubrication the hair needs to gently undo itself.

Try this in the shower - it reduces in the mess you may make on the floor.

Step one: CONDITIONER! lots of it. Liberally apply enough to fully saturate your hair. Dripping down your body may be a bit excessive, but if it drips, you definitely have enough.
Step two: use your fingers to comb through the mess first, getting any loose snarls out first.
Step three: (optional) If combing with your fingers has resulted in severe conditioner loss, apply some more.
Step four: Take a wide tooth comb or brush and slowly, working from the ends into the scalp. Moving from the scalp to the ends may result in tighter snarls and could lead to a haircut.

If necessary, repeat this a few times.

Once snarl free, go ahead and shampoo and condition as normal. And Voila! Tangle Free Hair.


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