Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Coffee Stains No More!

In the process of packing up my house and office, I've been doing a lot of cleaning lately.  Some of the toughest stains I've ever met have been those in my well used Coffee and Tea mugs.  A quick solution to ridding your mugs of that nasty brown ring of forgotten coffee?  

Just a little acid will do!

Citrus Acid, that is.  Whether you've got OJ in your fridge or some lemons in your fruit bowl.  All you need is a little of the juice, simply covering the inside walls of your mug with the juice.  I have put it on a cloth or towel in the past, but to be honest, swishing the pure juice in the mug and letting it sit is the best removal tactic.  Not to mention saving your arm muscles.

A few minutes of sitting will be just enough and then just a simple wash and your mugs are good as new!

And, if your teeth ever start shading in the crevices because of your coffee or tea addiction, try Crest White Strips and Crest 3D whitening  toothpaste.  I swear by them!! Pearly whites will they produce.

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