Saturday, August 21, 2010

Lashes Trick

Need a little lash drama?  Whether for Halloween, wedding, special event or just a night out, try the Fake Lash trend.  If you're a beginner, they've got full strips that go across your entire upper lash.  If you've been on the Fake Lash train for a while, maybe it's time to upgrade to the individual kind (really groupings of 3 lashes per).  

Which ever route you take, here's my quick advise.  It's taken me years to master the application of lashes and it wasn't until I realized that the thin line of lash glue you need on the edge needs to sit for a minute or two before you apply to your lash line.  The glue should become tacky before you place it on your lid so that it stays - if it's too wet yet, it'll pop right off or slip out of place.  

Personally, I believe application of lashes should come before your shadow.  That way, they're sticking right to your skin and don't have the layer of shadow or liner between to chance the lashes from prematurely popping off.  

You also need to be careful to get the lashes tucked firmly against your natural lashes.  This ensures they are more real looking.  And that's really what cosmetics are about... Enhancing your natural beauty!  Not making you look fake!  

Once the lashes are in place, apply liner and shadow as you normally would and even go full force with the mascara if your eyes still need a little oomph!  

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