Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Color in the middle, None on the edges

If you haven't picked on it already, let me forewarn you that I am an experimenter of beauty products.  I give products multiple chances to succeed, usually, before I completely give up on them.  

I had been sold on the Cover Girl Lip Stains.  I have the Wild Berry Wink and it tastes like lovely when I lick my lips.  For some reason, I often give bonus points for lip products that have a nice taste or other products that make me smell so good that I can skip the day's perfume.

So all was going well with our relationship until today.  We hit a bump.  If I were to be at home and have my full arsenal of products, I probably wouldn't be writing this.  But alas, I am on the road and therefore did not have the Big Apple Red lipstick that would normally accompany the red Cover Girl Lip Stain.  So, as Jason Derulo would say, it was ridin' solo.  

Venti mistake!  Although I packed the lip stain into my day bag and hauled it everywhere with me, the re-applications were virtually ineffective.  By the time I arrived at my hotel, the center middle portion of my lips had stayed stained while the outer corners were almost back to my natural color except where the stain had gotten trapped in my lip wrinkles, unintentionally doing this to my lips.  Disastrous!   

But I've learned a valuable lesson.  Some things are just better paired up and shouldn't be left by their lonesome.   

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