Monday, July 26, 2010

Playing Dirty

I recently chopped my hair.  My hair's usually hovered right around my shoulders, but being completely frustrated, I decided to hack it.  Probably won't maintain the shortness for long, but in the mean time, I must gush about a product that my stylist suggested.  If you've never read my blog before, you must know that I'm all about a cost effective alternative.  I will be searching for one to replace my current Sexy Hair addiction, but for now, check this stuff out!  

Because my hair is short, ranging from about an inch long to about two or three at it's very longest, I needed something virtually weightless to be able to move my hair around and still give it some texture.  As boasted on the website, Play Dirty gives you a 'Second Day' kind of look.  And now that I'm checking out their site, I may have to go back for more of the short hair collection!  

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