Monday, July 19, 2010

Avoiding Beach Blunders

I'm on vacation today from my real job, about to head to the beach with my best friend and her little one.  And in honor of a day in the sun, I thought I'd share with you some Yay's and Nay's of beach style.  ...and since moving to a small town in the middle of nowhere, I've got quite a list going of the Nay's.

-Although I appreciate a good message T-shirt as much as the next person (in small quantities), please leave your Just Ride Me shirt at home.  Especially if you're going to actually swim in it...and think you'll cut off the sleeves for a little added sumthin'-sumthin'.

-I fully support the Tankini revolution.  Cute designs with a bit more modesty, or forgiveness for those with lovely lady lumps. There are so many ways to flaunt this style at the beach! Be sure to get bottoms that fit, though.  No need to turn a Do into a DON'T! just by having quad-cheeks or the ever dreaded 24hour hang-over.

-Usually not a fan of swimming in actual shorts (only the boy-short bikini bottom kind), the cutest girl on the beach last weekend was a mommy with a turquoise blue bikini top and plaid turquoise blue short cotton shorts.  Running after her kids with her curly hair in a pony, her laid back. yet conscious style made her the one to aspire to be like.  Whether it's a cute pair of shorts or a full dress, cover-ups are a potential make or break.  A cute cotton dress is as good as a marketed-as cover-up!

-Realizing that some have better swimsuit bodies than others, but blinding me with your suit to show off your amazing body is almost rude.  The 80's are over, but if you insist on a bright color, leave the florescent yellow to the highlighter companies and try one of these beautiful suits out.  An even bigger statement would be to find a bold pattern or print than a shocking color.


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