Thursday, March 24, 2011

How to Remove Smudges

I love watching other people apply makeup.  Everyone has a little different routine and technique and I always seem to learn something new... whether or not I use what I learned is a different story.  

Recently I watched a friend apply loose powder eye shadow as a liner.  Working with loose powder is dangerous business.  It never fails to sprinkle down my cheek as I'm applying it to my lids.  If it's pink or bronze, I may be assisting myself, saving a step of blush applying, but any other color is just messy.  

My trick for removal of unwanted makeup mistakes (ie: ever stabbed your nose with your mascara wand, taken your cat-wing eye liner too far, or colored outside your lip line by accident?) is to take my already moist foundation sponge at it.  Gently rubbing the foundation sponge on the mistake and pulling the mistake away from your face is my favorite trick yet.  With this tactic, you mustn't rub the mistake across your face.  The swooping away from your face motion is key and may take a few times to get it right!

What I saw my friend do, I wouldn't have thought of.  But it worked, witnessed with my own two eyes.  Powder shadow made her under eye resembled a bit of a raccoon.  She simply grabbed a cotton swab, moistened it (she used her tongue... I think there's something about a woman's saliva that may be the best cleaning agent out there!) and rolled the cotton swab over the dusty mess.  Voila!  Raccoon no more.  I think eye makeup remover may also work on the cotton swab for this technique.

What works for you?  Is there something you do before to prevent smudges?  Or a favorite fixing tactic?

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